Data Recovery

How To: Repair SQL

SQL is the standard programming language that is used to communicate with a database. This language is fairly complex and consists of a data definition language and a data manipulation language. The data definition is responsible for the index and table structure while the data manipulation is responsible for adding, updating, and deleting data. These languages are then sub-divided into a number of elements that include queries, statements, expressions, and more. As you can see, this is a...

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Top Questions about Outlook File Corruption and Recovery

Outlook, managing our emails, contacts, calendar, and distribution lists is an important tool in the lives of many individuals and companies. Unfortunately, like any other software, it is vulnerable to file corruption and data loss.   Why do Outlook files become corrupt?   There are a number of causes of PST file corruption that include:   • Viruses or Malware. This vicious security threat is like a heat seeking missile looking to destroy your data. Even...

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Buying Software Isn’t Like Buying Soup

People buy backup software and Access recovery software for the same reason they used to buy cans of soup: Safety. There's a fascinating story about Campbell's Soup in Phil Dusenberry's excellent book "Then We Set His Hair on Fire." Dusenberry was the Chairman of BBDO North America, one of the most successful and influential advertising companies in the US. The book's title refers to an accident that occurred when Michael Jackson's hair caught fire during the filming of a Pepsi ad. BBDO...

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