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Managing Add-ins in Ms Outlook

Over the years the Ms Outlook mail client has improved its features and has made its place as preferred application of choice for majority of business users. While Microsoft has tried to introduce new functions into the application, it cannot incorporate myriad of functions which a varied community of its users would want in their email client application. Hence it allowed people to incorporate add-ins which essentially are external modules that address specific requirements. It is interesting...

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A Quick Overview of Contact Management features in Outlook

The Ms Outlook mail client has several class leading features which separates it from other such tools in the market. Its contact management system is highly refined and is widely used by professionals owing to its flexibility. Its contact management system allows you to enter extensive details for each of your contact and you can club them as per your preference. Further by using distribution lists, you can communicate to a bunch of contacts in one go and send out communiqués at...

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Quick tips to help you deal with freezing issues in Ms Outlook 2007

The Outlook 2007 has often been noted as a cornerstone in the development of this veritable mail client. It was the first Outlook version which could seamlessly preview attachment or even read RSS feeds. In many ways it was significantly more developed than its predecessors and could support a variety of add-ins with ease. However this flexibility came at a cost and this specific version is at times prone to freezing. Now if you are looking resolve freezing issues associated with your Outlook...

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