Data Recovery

Extracting Email IDs from the Outlook Mail Client

If there is anything that can help you grow your business faster than your competition then it’s the extent of business contacts that you have. Over time you would end up communicating with hundreds of prospects and many at times fall out of radar. Thus its is a prudent idea to keep a list of your prospects in database or spreadsheet and use the same for outreach activities by using newsletters and online email marketing tools such as MailChimp. However you may experience a situation where...

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A Quick Guide to Schedule your meetings with Ms Outlook

In any office, the need for scheduling team meetings can emerge at anytime. However sending an email to inform participants about a scheduled meeting is a rather ineffective way of scheduling meetings. You may not know which of your intended participants are available at any given time or the resources that are available at a given time slot. Using the Meeting feature in Outlook you get the chance to schedule meetings with a whole set of participants while tracking their availability and...

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Using the AutoArchive feature in Ms Outlook – A Primer

In nearly every organization today, emails have become the default means of communication. In a given work day you may receive numerous emails based on your work profile and over time your Ms Outlook inbox would grow huge. Now an increased inbox size is a sure recipe for disaster as it increases the chances of corruption of .pst files. Moreover storing excessively old data slows down your search process unless you set filters. Thus it is always advisable to archive the older emails in a phased...

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