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Why it makes sense to keep the Inbox light and organized

In an age where you would end up receiving emails for nearly every aspect of your life, your email Inbox can only grow in size. Typically in your Outlook mail client a plethora of emails land up with every passing day. Much of these emails may be important but even then after a period of time you may not need to revisit them on a regular basis. However the very presence of large amount of emails in your inbox makes it bloated and makes it prone to errors. Further the search for any specific...

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Use the Journal feature in Ms Outlook to improve Productivity

When you look at people around you, it is likely you would have noticed that some of the most successful people invariably seem to be the most pressed for time. Yet you may find that they somehow seem to manage to manage everything while we find it difficult to complete our work on schedule. A major reason why people fail to adhere to their schedule lies in their avoidance in tracking time and productivity. For example even a diligent manager may not give credence to the expected duration of a...

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Learn How to Effortlessly Manage Emails with Rules

Given the sheer number of emails that an average office worker receives in his Outlook email client, it becomes a herculean task to manage them in order. For example you may receive a whole set of emails from your boss while another set of emails may come from a specific client. Again a whole group of emails from a different set of people may relate to a specific project. Now if you wished to organize all these emails as per your need, you can manually find and move them to separate folders or...

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