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Tailor your Outlook Signature to Pursue your Marketing Goals

When you are looking to promote your business through every communication channel available with you, customizing the Outlook signature to include your marketing message seems like a logical choice. Most often than not, most marketers are happy to include a link to their website or product in the Outlook signature. However you need to make sure that your signature does not appear as out of place and the content you include in it makes sense for most recipients. So just putting a link may not be...

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Learn Why Outlook a great productivity tool for busy Managers

A large majority of managers in the corporate world are always under pressure to improve productivity in their teams. At times even after incorporating complex team management and collaboration software, desired improvements are not achieved. A large part of this failure stems from resistance of employees to learn a tool and even use it on a regular basis. In contrast, as an office productivity tool, very few applications can hold a candle to the Ms Outlook. Since any office staff typically...

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Incorporating Calendars from the Internet into Outlook

As a regular Outlook user you must be very familiar with the calendar feature in Ms Outlook. It allows you to prepare schedules, keep a track of important events and appointments and essentially showcases what you need to take up in the coming days. However very few Outlook users are aware of the fact that you can embed a third party calendar from the internet right into your email client. For example if you plan to follow the next Wimbledon tournament, you can go its official site and...

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