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Incorporating Calendars from the Internet into Outlook

As a regular Outlook user you must be very familiar with the calendar feature in Ms Outlook. It allows you to prepare schedules, keep a track of important events and appointments and essentially showcases what you need to take up in the coming days. However very few Outlook users are aware of the fact that you can embed a third party calendar from the internet right into your email client. For example if you plan to follow the next Wimbledon tournament, you can go its official site and...

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Learn Why Ms Outlook is Preferred by Many Over Web Based Email

Today most computer users have numerous email accounts including official and personal ones. Online email platforms such as Yahoo mail or Gmail have a huge following and have over the years improved their features to attract more users. Besides being completely free major online email platforms claim to offer a whole lot more than just email and these including online cloud storage, calendars, associated apps etc. Yet the number of people using Ms Outlook to access their emails continues to...

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SQL Server 2014 Introduces Delayed Durability

When it comes to IT systems scalability is a huge buzz words. Everyone wishes to create robust and scalable systems that can be dynamically upgraded, however it is hardly easy to execute in practice. In some cases you need to come up with innovative solutions to deal with tricky issues. Let’s take a corporate application that runs perfectly for most part of day except for certain hours where a higher number of people log-in and update data. During those peak hours transactions take a huge...

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