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Harness the Collaborative Power of Outlook – Quick Tips

Over the years the Ms Outlook email client has been used by teams to collaboratively work on projects or engage with customers and other stakeholders. The Outlook application is laden with collaborative features which used intelligently can significantly improve the productivity of a team. In this article we would look at several ways to use Outlook to collaborate with others.   Collaborating Under the Microsoft Exchange Environment When you are looking to manage projects through...

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Learn How Ms Outlook can be Used by Small Businesses to Improve Customer Loyalty

Retaining customers is a challenge for every business in a world full of choices. The issue becomes even complex for a small business where it is not possible to keep customer relationship executives or account managers to adhere to every customer need. However with the help of Ms Outlook email client, a small business owner can offer excellent customer support and engage in activities that go a long way in improving customer loyalty. Let’s explore the possibilities in detail.   Use...

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Getting the Most Out of Older Outlook Iterations – A Primer

As an Outlook user who is still clinging on to the trusted Outlook 2003 edition, it has always bothered me if I was way behind times. However when I look in context, my Outlook 2003 still works without a serious flaw and does virtually everything that I expect out of it. Well it certainly does not have a Business Contact Manager tool but it still has a lot of juice in it.  In this article I will share some interesting tips to draw more out of your old Outlook email client.   Use...

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