Data Recovery

Outlook Fails to Connect with Server – Error 0x800CCC0D

Outlook error messages come by dime a dozen and you never know which Outlook error message will crop up on you at any point of time. At times some of these error messages are displayed without any apparent reason and can simply vanish when you restart the system. Other happen to persist and can make your life difficult. In this article we would look at tackling error messages that says that Outlook failed to connect with the server and prompts the error code 0x800CCC0D by following a series of...

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Use an Alias with your Email ID in Outlook

Email today has become the primary means of communication in business and a fancy alias has a higher recall value. Essentially such alias appears before your email ID in the recipients Inbox and can be easily noticed. For example an alias such “CEO my-firm” is most likely to be picked up and replied to rather than say “”. In this article we will look at settings changes that would allow you to send an email with an alias. Once you achieve this even the message header...

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Reading all your emails in Plain Text in Ms Outlook Email Client

There is an old saying which mentions that you can never be too cautious. The phrase is absolutely gospel in the today’s world where cyber crime has become a huge bugbear. Cyber threats can be found in many hues and emails tend to be the vector for some of them. From phishing links to images that contain malicious payloads, an innocuous looking email can compromise your system and even your private data. Given the scenario some people like to read their emails in the plain text format that...

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