Data Recovery

Understand the various forms of Harmful Content that can come through Email

As a regular Outlook user, the idea of getting your system compromised by simply opening your email may sound a bit bizarre. However if an email that you have opened contains a malicious package which can be an attachment file or even an embedded image, the chances of getting compromised is very high. There are several kinds of malicious entities that can piggybank on an email and get into your system and they are typically classified into worms, Trojan horses or viruses. In this article we...

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Tips to Resolve a Socket Read Error in Ms Outlook

The Ms Outlook client is closely associated with the Windows operating system for several of its network related functions. While this dependency is quite normal for any email client, the Ms Outlook application can often throw out inane errors in case it experiences any network issues. Socket read errors come in this category and in case you encounter them then you need to follow the tips mentioned below to resolve the issue.   Avoid Reinstalling the Outlook Application While...

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Resolving a Login Attempt Fail Error in Ms Outlook

For most users who happen to regularly use the Outlook email client, error messages thrown out by the email client is a common occurrence. Resolving most of these error messages requires bit of a study and some error solving techniques like an application reinstall. However certain error messages may require a bit more effort to resolve and a Login attempt fail error comes in this class. In this article we would look at issue in detail and offer you tips to resolve it.   Error Occurs...

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