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Changing the Color Associated with the Unread Line in Outlook 2013

With the Outlook 2013 application, Microsoft has introduced an uber-cool new look and feel. It has unleashed a new design, rolled out message previews, changed the way emails are organized besides introducing a host of advanced features. In fact an old Outlook user is likely to be overwhelmed by the series of changes that this version has introduced. While most of these changes have been largely well received, some of them can appear as unnecessary. Doing away completely with the Journal...

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Tips to Resolve a Secure Connect Failure Error in Ms Outlook

One of the drawbacks of living in a world dominated by cyber threats is the fact that we end up enforcing security measures that do more harm than good. One such case is the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption while sending emails through the Outlook email client. While SSL is a must for accessing many websites that perform banking operations, using the encryption standard in emails is an overkill. In fact many ISPs do not support it and while using the same in Outlook you may receive...

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Gadgets Basics for Business Contact Manager in Outlook

When you look at some of the most potent additions that have been made to the Outlook email client in recent years, the Business Contact Manager for Outlook seems to take the cake. It essentially is a mini CRM tool that drastically increases the usability of the Outlook email client for professionals and small business owners. Now if you thought that viewing the data present in the BCM feature can only be done through reports then you are not really familiar with gadgets. Let’s explore them...

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