Data Recovery

Dealing with an Outlook Crash during a Print Job

Since many years the Ms Outlook email client has impressed its user base with its well thought out features and overall ease of use. However its robustness has always been a suspect and at times even a simple Print job can crash the application. Imagine a situation where you are trying to print an email message containing embedded images or in HTML format. Instead of getting a proper printout you may find that the Outlook application simply hangs up or worse crashes. Let’s look at ways to...

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Add-in Removal May Not work in Ms Outlook in some cases

Most Outlook users are quite open to the idea of installing Add-ins to extend the functionality of their email client. Many users even attempt to experiment with new Add-ins launched by third party publishers before they decide to buy them. While installing plug-ins is typically a hassle free process, removing them in some cases may become tricky. For example you may have installed a time tracking add-in Outlook and after few days you find that you are not satisfied with its performance or...

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Spreadsheet Attachments in Ms Outlook May not open Properly

The Outlook application is shipped as a part of the Ms Office software suite and hence it is able to harness the synergies of its associated programs. You can embed excel spreadsheets in Outlook or even plug in a PowerPoint presentation. While in most cases the object embedding works smoothly, there may be an occasional exception. It has been noticed by some Outlook users that Ms Excel embedded files or attachments sometimes do not run properly from the Ms Outlook email client. In fact you may...

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