Data Recovery

Why the Inbox Repair Tool May not be your Best Choice to deal with PST Errors

It has often been noticed that the Inbox Repair Tool or ScanPST.exe is often unable to negotiated tricky PST errors and at times is known to hang up while dealing with large files. Over its illustrious history the Ms Outlook application has made its way into countless computers across the world and is without a shred of doubt the most widely used and equally cherished desktop email client in vogue today. At the same time its rather peculiar susceptibility to PST errors hangs over like a...

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Download Images from Known Contacts without Hassles in Outlook

In this article we look at downloading images from known contacts automatically while keeping the option to manually choose the download of images from others. A number of Outlook users avoid automatic download of images in emails, owing to security threats. However when you block automatic image downloads, you have to manually enable downloads for specific emails which you wish to access. In case of regular emails from contacts, the chore of enabling downloads each time can become a...

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Beware of Email Bugs while Using the Ms Outlook application

In this article we will explore the threat posed by email bugs and how we can avoid them while using the Outlook application. In a highly competitive business environment, marketers are always in the lookout for possible target audience. With emails being one of the cheapest medium of outreach, a lot of marketers and even spammers include email bugs in their messages. While an email bug may track out your location and give out information stored in cookies, they are not malicious. The...

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