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Why Blocking Every Email Address from which you receive Spam can be counterproductive

In this article we would understand why blocking every other email address that sends you a spam email is overkill and it can reduce the efficiency of the Outlook application. The fight for keeping your Inbox clean from spam emails can be rather arduous and you may end up blocking several email IDs, in order to avoid spam. Some Outlook users like to block every email ID from which they receive a spam email. Now if you are working in an Exchange environment, you may suddenly receive a...

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Using Outlook and Google Calendar together in a Small Business Environment

Using Outlook and Google Calendar together in a small business environment can give you the best of the two worlds. As a corporate Outlook user, you are likely to love the Outlook calendar as it is extremely easy to use and you can create shared calendars as per your need. However for small businesses that do not have the Exchange server running on background, the collaborative feature of Outlook calendar does not come into play. Since investing in the Exchange server can be costly, you...

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Tracking down an Inadvertently Misplaced Folder in Ms Outlook

In some case, one of your Outlook folders may not appear in its designated place due to an accident or get misplaced due to a human error. At times while working on the Outlook email client you may need to move individual folders. For example you may have to move a certain project folder under a specific client folder. However during the course of moving folders you may accidentally misplace a folder or place it at a wrong place which you fail to remember. Now Outlook does not offer you...

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