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Outlook Intermittently Crashes whenever we download a bunch of emails

In some cases, the Ms Outlook application has been noticed to crash or hang up while downloading a large number of emails. The Ms Outlook application despite is sterling reputation as the best email client in the world is known to be error prone. At times some users have experienced issues while downloading a whole bunch of emails with many complaining that the download process getting stuck. In some cases the Outlook application can even crash leading to lot of inconvenience. Let’s...

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Is it safe to temporarily disable the email scanning feature in your antivirus application while using Ms Outlook

In this article we evaluate if it is safe to work with Ms Outlook when the email scanning feature in your antivirus is turned off. While using the Outlook application, you may encounter situations where you may have to disable the email scanning feature in your antivirus application. For example your antivirus application may be conflicting with the Outlook email client and you are unable to download emails till you disable the email scan feature. In such situations, you may quite...

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Can Previewing a Compromised Email in Ms Outlook lead to a virus infection

In this article we will evaluate whether previewing an infected email can possibly lead to virus infection. Computer related crimes are cropping up in nearly every nook and corner of the world. In fact the sophistication of hacking attacks has gone up in recent years. In this context many Outlook users have often wondered whether it is safe to preview emails in the reading pane of Ms Outlook. Let’s discuss this issue in detail. Outlook Preview Pane is absolutely safe except in rare...

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