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Key Reasons Why MS Outlook is better then Mozilla Thunderbird

When we compare desktop email clients available today, the Ms Outlook application steals a march over its nearest competitor, the Mozilla Thunderbird. For a good period of time, there was hardy any reliable alternative to the Outlook desktop email client. In fact many folks in the open source computing space were eagerly advocating an alternative to Outlook that can match its finesse. Looking at the popularity of Microsoft Outlook, and need for an alternative, Mozilla came up with a bit...

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Quick tips to Work neatly with Notes in Ms Outlook

Notes in Outlook can be used to achieve much more than jot down few lines. We will explore the Notes feature in detail in this article. Are you one of those people, who have a habit of always carry a notebook or diary to jot down notes in their day to day life? Well, then you can simplify your life now by using the MS Outlook Notes Feature. Microsoft did a smart move by adding this useful feature in Outlook to enable you to record and note important information that you get in your mailbox...

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Learn to Do More with Tasks in Ms Outlook – A Primer

In Ms Outlook you can create tasks and assign them to your colleagues with ease. In this article we look at exploiting the task feature in detail. A majority of us are used to create to-do lists or create reminders for our daily tasks and events. Keeping this fact in mind, Microsoft, one of the leading IT companies of the world, came up with the idea of including a fabulous feature called Tasks in its Outlook. As the name suggests, Task is a feature that has been designed to enable the...

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