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Learn more about the various search options available in Ms Outlook

In this article we look at various options available in the Ms Outlook email client to search for emails and other data with ease. MS Outlook is an expansive platform to organize a whole lot of things, ranging from emails, contacts, tasks, calendars to the To Do Bars. Searching for a particular thing in such a large data repository can definitely be a big problem. So, we thought of sharing with you some search options present in Outlook including, the Search Box, Instant Search, Search...

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Using Read Receipts in Outlook 2013 – A Brief Guide

In this article we would explore the benefit of using Read Receipts in Outlook and how to effectively use them. It takes us a lot of efforts and time to compose or reply to emails but have you ever wondered whether the email message you send is ever opened and read by the recipient? Well, this is where the role of Read Receipts Feature in MS Outlook 2013 becomes vital. As the name suggests, Read Receipt enables you to check whether your email message has been opened or read by the...

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Sharing tasks with others in MS Outlook

Working collaboratively in a team becomes easy when you can share tasks via the Ms Outlook email client. A whole lot of advantages can be enjoyed if you use your MS Outlook email client with an MS Exchange Server. One such advantage is the feature of Task Sharing. As the name suggests, when activated, the Task Share Feature enables you to share your tasks in Outlook with others in the office. Be it assigning tasks or taking tasks from others, this feature will help you a lot in doing and...

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