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Learn to Highlight comments when you reply to an email

It is often crucial to highlight your comments when you send a reply to an important email. If emails are the primary form of correspondence in your business, then chances are high that at some point of time, you might have thought to highlight some comments when you reply to an email. In fact, this need mainly occurs when you are asked the same question again and again in emails by different senders and you generally reply them by “Check The Comments Below” or something like that....

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Key Reasons why sending Newsletters from Outlook Makes sense

In this article we will explore the benefits of using the Outlook email client to send periodic newsletters to your business contacts. Have you ever wondered why you get some regular newsletters from some websites in your Inbox? Well, there are some advantages of sending Newsletters and the main reason is for marketing and also to maintain a regular contact with your clients and prospects. The good news is that MS Outlook does provide you with an option to send Newsletters to your...

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Tracking important emails that may have landed in your Junk folder

In this article we will help you to locate important emails which may have inadvertently landed into your Junk mail folder. We are pretty sure that at least once or even many times, you might have across a problem when Outlook throws an important email message into the junk folder. Usually, this problem is faced by those who upgrade their older Outlook version with a newer one. Whatever the reason being, it is important to know how to track important email messages that may have landed...

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