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Reminders in Ms Outlook can become pesky; learn to snooze a bunch of them together

In this article we will explore the option of snoozing several Outlook reminders in one go Whether you agree or not, it might have happened to you that even without looking at a reminder, you would have hit the snooze button. This might have happened not once but many times a day. Setting up reminders in Outlook is one thing and managing them in a productive way is altogether another challenge. If you have multiple reminders hampering your work at any point, it is better to learn to...

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Get Outlook to read out emails to you

It is possible for us to instruct the Outlook email client to read out an email which we have received. A majority of us have a habit of reading out newspapers aloud and the same habit goes through while reading emails knowingly or unknowingly. Whether you agree or not, most of you might be reading the emails to yourselves while typing them, but doesn’t this method exhausts you especially when emailing is the core of your professional work? So, what is the solution? Well, thanks to MS...

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Extracting emails IDs directly from emails in Outlook to a CSV file

It is possible to draw out email ids contained in emails in Ms Outlook to a CSV file Needless to say that emailing has become a powerful tool for communication in today’s world. Not just personal but as a great medium for marketing, emails can do wonders in communicating instantly with a second person. Since, emails are used majorly in the corporate world; queries are bound to come regarding its better usage. One such common query which is frequently asked by a number of people...

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