Data Recovery

Securing your system from Email viruses and other threats coming through Ms Outlook

In this article we look at ways to avoid letting a virus slip through an email received in Ms Outlook Computer viruses come dime by dozen and can have different traits. A large section of computer viruses and other malware can spread through emails. Since, there are a number of users using MS Outlook on their system, so it becomes important to know how to secure your system from email viruses coming through Outlook. At first point, one should be aware of how exactly a virus infection...

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Is Thunderbird still a competition for Outlook?

In this article we explore whether Thunderbird can stack up against Ms Outlook When it comes to desktop based email clients, several choices are available to a computer user. Now a large section of such users prefer using Microsoft Outlook, perhaps because it comes included in the Ms Office package and they get the habit of using it at the first place. However, other email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird have time and again given severe competition to MS Outlook but does it still has...

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There is a lot about Tasks in Ms Outlook that you can explore

There is so much you can do with Tasks in Ms Outlook if you just exploit it smartly Even if you are one of the most disorganized and busiest persons on the earth, MS Outlook Tasks helps you organize and sort your professional life in a big way. The real challenge is not to create Tasks in Outlook but to use them smartly and there is not one but many ways to do so. Since, we have already covered how to create Tasks in Outlook in one of our earlier articles, so this time we will focus on...

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