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The To-Do Bar in Outlook 2016 gets spruced up

If you have too many things to do and track, you will simply love the new to-do bar in Outlook 2016 Making task lists on a regular basis is a common practice amongst several busy professionals. Following this habit is easy while working on MS Outlook too. Yes, you got us right; we are indeed talking about the To Do Bar Feature in MS Outlook. This is not a new feature that you will get to see in the 2016 Outlook version but yes, it does comes in somewhat improved way than the 2013...

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Social Accounts in Outlook 2013 – Keeping you always connected with your contacts

In Outlook it is possible to connect with your social and messaging profiles with ease Virtual world is slowly grasping over the real world and perhaps this is the reason for the growing popularity of Social Media these days. Keeping this fact in mind, Outlook too has introduced a feature to take advantage of social media and messaging platforms. It won’t be wrong to state that Social Media Connector is a sort of hidden jewel in its recent editions. Offering you the power to check out...

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Outlook 2016 is designed to work flawlessly on Tablets

If you use a tablet, you will love working on Ms Outlook 2016 Even a novice in the technical world is not untouched by the growing popularity of tablets and laptops these days. In fact, it won’t be wrong to state that the day is not far behind when desktop computers will be totally outdated in front of the modern tablets and laptops for the level of convenience and power they give to the users. Perhaps, this is the reason that Microsoft too has incorporated a feature in its latest...

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