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5 Quick Steps to Retrieve Missing New Mail Alerts

Every time when receiving new messages in Outlook, we could see popup new mail alerts. If it’s missing, how can we get back it? From my perspective, I really appreciate new mail alerts very much. It is thanks to it that I have never missed any important messages. When there are new emails coming into my Inbox, I will be absolutely informed with seeing the alerts at the bottom right corner of Desktop. I nearly cannot imagine about my possible losses in businesses without it. However, I...

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The MS Outlook 2016 Sports a Brand New Theme

In this article we look at new theme options present in Ms Outlook 2016. Whether you agree or not, backgrounds or themes makes the user engaged in an app or a vast platform like Microsoft Outlook. Sadly, the default theme available in MS Office 2013 was not accepted positively by the users around the world for its boring and lacking color scheme or say for no color at all. Keeping this fact in mind, this time, the makers have tried their best to present a livelier new theme in their...

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8 Steps to Hide Flagged Emails in To-Do List

We can see both tasks and flagged messages in Outlook Task’s To-Do List. So how can we sift out flagged emails to show tasks only? To those typically important emails, we can utilize flag to mark it, which is a common feature of all email clients, including Outlook. Initially we tend to flag those messages, which contain assignments to be dealt with, so that we can make clear our tasks. It is owing to the original function that Outlook places all flagged messages in To-Do List. However,...

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