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Why Not Improve Your Performance by Making Frequently Used Contacts Stand Out

When we open address book, Global Address List will display firstly. We need find our desired contacts manually. Here is a guide to change it. We have known that address book plays an important role when attempting to search out contacts by clicking “To” button. In fact, so-called “Address Book” is equal to contacts folder. As long as we tick a certain checkbox in the properties of the contacts folder, it will be an address book. If you are familiar with “To” button, you may...

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2 Easy Ways to Move Sent Emails to Specific Folder Automatically

To manage sent emails in great order, we can move them to desired folder, utilizing the following two easy methods in this article. In general, all messages that we send will be located at the “Sent Items” folder by default. But with the number of emails constantly increasing, we will find this folder will be in a mess. As a consequence, it will be difficult for us to locate desired messages. Thus in case of such a scenario, it is highly advisable to classifying these emails to specified...

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How to Change Show Display Names of Contacts

In Outlook Address Book, display names of contacts are in the form of “First Last” as default. Here is the method to change it. When we create a contact in Outlook, we are usually required to enter a name for this contact. In addition, Outlook will suggest us to type full name, namely both first name and last name. Some people may be annoying about it. But indeed this suggestion is of great value, due to the fact that name is playing a significant role in name order of Outlook Address...

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