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Key Mistakes that a SQL Server DBA must look to avoid

In this article we look into some of key mistakes that a DBA must look to avoid while working on SQL Server Whether you agree or not but a database administrator or DBA has to face a lot of problems while working on an SQL server. A DBA not only has to find but also fix the problems cropping up in such servers, so it is very important to know some common mistakes that should be avoided at all cost for a smoother functioning of the database. In fact, just a small carelessness on part of the...

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6 Steps to Add Formatted Texts to AutoCorrect Entries

If you often type specific words with a specified format, why not add the formatted text to AutoCorrect Entries, so that your efficiency will be improved a lot. When I write emails to my clients, I am required to set my company name in a specific format. In order to avoid the repeated operations of formatting it, I add my company name with formatting to AutoCorrect entries. Since then, the name will be in ruled format every time I entered it in message body. Add Formatted Texts to...

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How to Customize Your Outlook Favorites Section

You must be familiar with Outlook Favorites, which contains three folders as default. You can also add more folders to quick access your frequently used folders. This article will be a good guide for you to customize your Favorites section. Outlook Favorites is located at the top of navigation pane. It can assist you to quickly access and check emails, which does improve your work efficiencies. In order to customize your preferred appearance of Outlook favorites, you can add or remove...

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