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How to Remove Attachments from Outlook Meeting Messages

When receiving a meeting message with an attachment, some people tend to save it to local for convenience. Actually it is also recommended to remove it from message to keep your mailbox clean and reduce the size of Outlook file. This article will offer an effectual method. To remove attachments from meeting messages, in Outlook 2003 and previous versions, we can right click the attachment and directly select “Clear” option from the context menu. However, Outlook 2007 doesn’t permit...

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How to Rapidly Send a File as Email Attachment via One Click

To send a file, we always create a new email manually and then insert it as email attachment. Virtually there is a good method to send the file via one right click only, which will create a new message automatically. As a regular user of Outlook for a long time, I have discovered its several hidden functions. For instance, in the past, when I need to send a file to others, I used to open Outlook, create a new email, click “Attach file” to select and add the file. I will spend a lot of...

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How to Find Values in Other Worksheets via VLOOKUP Function

In your worksheet, you will certainly create multiple worksheets in an Excel file. And sometimes certain values need to be used in another sheet. Therefore, you may use the VLOOKUP function to quickly find the values in other worksheets. In an Excel file, the data in worksheets is sometimes not independent. And in one worksheet, you will need to use the values in other sheets. Copy and paste is one way. However, if you need to find certain values in a huge amount of data, you will spend a...

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