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Two Ways to Insert VBA Button into Excel

In an Excel file, to run the VBA program, you have to finish several steps. So today we will launch two ways to insert VBA Button in Excel. If you want to run a macro, you will often press the shortcut key “Alt + F11” to open the windows of VBA. And then, you click the button “Run Macro” in the toolbar. The other way is: click “View” -> click Macro -> choose the Macro -> click “Run”. Alternatively, we can use the following two ways to invoke the VBA scripts more...

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7 Steps to Automatically Clear the Message Flags Added by Senders

Outlook allows us to both flag message for ourselves and recipients. But someone is averse to see the passive flags. In this article, I will suggest a quick method to make Outlook clear the message flags that senders add automatically. As we all know, not only can we flag a message for recipients, but also we are able to add a reminder to this message. Although the reminder won’t show up, once the time is over the follow up time, the message will be  in red font, similar to “overdue...

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How to Highlight the Meeting Responses with Proposals

After sending a meeting invitation, we’ll receive multiple meeting responses, some of which contain useful proposals. In order to figure out which responses carry texts, we can use the following method. In my regular working, I need to send many meeting invitations to my colleagues on behalf of my leader. I’m also required to conclude and report the proposals to him. However, among quantities of emails, it’s difficult to find out the meeting receipts with proposals. In this situation,...

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