File Recovery

4 Ways to Identify the Located Folder of the Search Results

When you search the whole mailbox by search box in Home page, the results will be listed by date, irrespective of folders. So it will be difficult to identify your target items. In this article, 4 effective methods to quickly recognize the folder of the results will be introduced. I have utilized Outlook for a long time. So undoubtedly there are excessive emails stored in my mailbox. When I need to find some items but forget their located folder, I tend to search the entire mailbox by search...

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How to Display Document Information in Your Word via Fields

If you want to automatically display document information such as word numbers and file size in your Word, you can accomplish that by inserting fields. Field is an important feature in Word. By default, many fields have been inserted for you through in-built commands, in the meanwhile, you can also create custom field in your Word document. For example, Word maintains a host of different information related to your documents, which you can see properties dialog box or toolbar menus. However,...

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How to Track Revisions of Your Word Documents via Compare & Combine Feature – Part 2

In last part, we have talked about how to compare between the original file and revised one. And in this part, we will mainly look at the combine feature, which can track the modifications of multiple documents. Combine Multiple Document Copies If you have multiple document copies that contain tracked changes, and you want to keep track of all the changes and merge these revised documents into one, you can take advantage of the combine feature in Word. It allows you to incorporate all the...

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