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Introduction to Database Mirroring from the perspective of a SQL Server User

In this article we discuss the concept of Database Mirroring with special emphasis on its implementation in SQL Server Now, that Microsoft has launched its SQL Server 2016, it’s time to learn about its interesting features like Database Mirroring. For those of you are still unaware of what database mirroring is like, let us acquaint you with it. Database mirroring is actually a way to increase the availability of an SQL Server Database. You must also know that this feature is implemented...

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3 Means to Quickly Merge Outlook Contacts in Multiple Groups

Some people would like to combine the contacts belong to different contact groups into another new one. In this article, we will offer 3 convenient methods to achieve it. I have created a host of contact groups in Outlook. But recently I found that I was frequently required to send emails to multiple groups at the same time. Instead of selecting them individually when sending emails, why not merge them into one group? Create a New Contact Group That Includes the Multiple Groups At the...

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