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2 Simple Tricks for Manipulating Word Tables that Extend Beyond a Page

Sometimes your Word document may contain large tables that span multiple pages. To cope with these tables, our article will introduce 2 useful tricks as we shall soon see. Tables in Word are enormously popular in nearly all industries and all Word users. However, for those long and large tables in Word, you may run into some problems when creating them. To make your table look better formatted, you can make the heading rows of your table appear on every page. And also, in order to avoid...

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2 Means to Change or Remove the Limit of Search Results in Outlook

By default, Outlook will only show a limited number of search results if there are countless items fitting the search condition. This article will discuss about how to change or remove the search result limits. In order to guarantee the performance of Outlook instant search, Outlook comes loaded with the enabled feature – limited search results. In Outlook 2010, you will see a small prompt - “Your search returned a large number of results… click here to view all results.” Here are...

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3 Methods to Associate Contact Info with Your Outlook Appointment Reminder

This article will provide you with three methods to associate contact info with Outlook appointment with a reminder, which can remind you in time, such that you will never miss any crucial matters. Virtually we can connect the contact with not only the emails, but also the meetings, appointments and so on. For instance, if you have an important appointment involved with one certain contact, why don’t you associate the contact info with the appointment and add a reminder to it? Here are 3...

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