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How to Export Your Outlook Tasks in Batches to an Excel File

This article will look at the method to extract your Outlook tasks list to an Excel file. If you often need to print the elaborate task details, it is suggested to export them to Excel in advance. As a regular user of Outlook, I’ve served it not only as an email client but also a task manager. I created multiple Outlook tasks. But if I don’t open my computer, I totally cannot remember them. In order to avoid this situation, I prefer to print the task lists. Instead of printing in...

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What to Do if Outlook Crashes in Safe Mode Due to Mspst32.dll Error?

When Outlook keeps crashing upon launch, we tend to start it in safe mode. But if Outlook crashes even in safe mode and throw out the error related to Mspst32.dll, how can you get rid of this issue? If the error refers to the Mspst32.dll file, unquestionably, it signifies a corruption in your Outlook (PST) file. Therefore, provided that Mspst32.dll file gets damaged, you will come across some issues when launching Outlook. And at the same time, you will definitely receive an error. Now read...

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A quick overview of how SQL Server has evolved over the years

In this article we look at how the Ms SQL Server database solution has evolved the years Microsoft launched its version of SQL server in 1989 as Sybase SQL server by collaborating with Sybase and Ashton -Tate; it was a variant of the older Sybase SQL server for IBM. With its own version of SQL server Microsoft forayed into enterprise- level database market, with rivals like Oracle, IBM and Sybase. Starting from 1989 till now, Microsoft has launched a dozen editions of the SQL server with SQL...

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