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How to Monitor the Changes in Your Excel through the Camera Tool

In an Excel file, you will certainly change some values. Thus, to monitor the change of result is very important. And the camera tool can be a very effective method. In our previous article, we have introduced about the Watch Window: How to Monitor the Changes of Important Cells through Watch Window in Excel. And in this article, we have another method which has the same effect. In this image, the source of the total number is from another worksheet “Sales Volume”. And this is a...

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How to Change or Customize Your Excel Themes Based on Your Preferences

If you are bored about the default setting interface in Excel, you can set Excel themes by yourself. After reading this passage, your Excel would have a new appearance. If you frequently use Excel in your work, it’s time for you to make some change. One of the motivations of work is the freshness. Sometimes, a small change around you can give you the freshness. Thus, you can work better with this freshness. And in Excel, you cannot change the use mode, but you can change the theme of...

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2 Means to Turn an Outlook Email into a Task/Appointment

If you would like to follow up a received email, not only can you flag it, but also you are allowed to turn it into an appointment or a task. This article will teach you how to realize it. When I receive an email containing a task or appointment information, I tended to flag the email directly in the past. But I wished that I could add more details to the task or appointment. So I hope to convert the email to a task or appointment straightly. The following are the elaborate steps of 2...

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