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2 Means to Turn an Outlook Email into a Task/Appointment

If you would like to follow up a received email, not only can you flag it, but also you are allowed to turn it into an appointment or a task. This article will teach you how to realize it. When I receive an email containing a task or appointment information, I tended to flag the email directly in the past. But I wished that I could add more details to the task or appointment. So I hope to convert the email to a task or appointment straightly. The following are the elaborate steps of 2...

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5 Tips to Customize a Data Recovery Plan for Your Business

In accordance with related researches, an overwhelming majority of businesses still have no data recovery plan. This article will guide you to formulate a personalized data recovery plan for your business. In the previous article, “5 Top Reasons Why Data Recovery Plan Is Badly Needed”, we have delved into the importance of a data recovery plan. Virtually a versatile and universal plan template doesn’t exist in this world. Now we will proceed to look at how to design an effective and...

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A quick lowdown on query store feature in Ms SQL Server 2016

In this article we will introduce you to the query store feature present in Ms SQL Server SQL Server 2016 has come up with a jazzed up feature to store queries. The Query Store feature in SQL Server not only keeps a record of recently executed queries, query execution plans, query runtime execution statistics but also stores them for troubleshooting performance problems due to query plan changes. The feature allows the user to receive insights on query and complete performance of the...

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