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4 Vital Tips to Avoid Vexing Data Backup Problems

Due to frequent data disaster, more and more people have realized the importance of data backup. However, backups can fail or stop work as well. This article will present 4 crucial techniques to avoid this issue. No matter individuals or businesses, most of them have already experienced data loss, data corruption or even severe data disasters. To most home users, they will pay more attention to viruses, so they must have installed antivirus software on their computers. Virtually data backups...

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12 Best Tools for Excel Recovery

In this article, we find and categorize the best 12 tools for Excel recovery. This article is part of a list of more than 180 best Excel resources, in 16 categories. You can find other great resources at 184 Best Excel Resources on Internet. This is a list of top tools for Excel recovery. Just read, comment, share or bookmark it as you like. DataNumen Excel Repair Rating: ★★★★★ Average Recovery Rate: 78.73% Latest Version: 2.2 Price: USD $89.95 Summary: This software has the...

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Dynamic Data Masking – A Primer

In this article we will explore in depth the concept of Dynamic Data Masking in Ms SQL Server SQL Server 2016 helps in protecting sensitive data from being exposed to non- privileged users by masking the data; this is known as Dynamic Data Masking (DDM). It allows the user to simplify the design and coding of application security. DDM allows users to decide what amount of sensitive data should be revealed. This is done to limit unauthorized access to critical or sensitive data. DDM allows...

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