File Recovery

Key Tips to Help You Recover Your Emails From OST files

Microsoft Outlook mail management client uses OST files to store the data in the mailbox of users in an offline file, which enables users to access their emails even when they are not connected to the internet. The OST file is stored locally on user hard drive and is linked to a specific email account. It acts like a handy back-up for all the mails on users' Outlook account. Sometime, a bug in the email client might corrupt the OST file, making it inaccessible. Here are some key tips that might...

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Key Points To Consider While Resetting A Mailbox For OST Recovery

You might know that the problem of losing OST files can be solved by setting a mailbox for OST files recovery but how to do that might still be a question for you. Let us look at some of the key points to consider while resetting a mailbox for OST files recovery. The first thing you should know for resetting a mailbox for OST recovery is to stop the Information Store service. You must also delete the entire database along with all the log files. Once you have done this, you are required to...

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How to recover ost files over 2 GB?

Some times, when a large number of people are working on the Exchange server as a groups, their OST files become heavy in size as the number of emails exchanged between the group members increase. When OST files become larger than 2 GB, Microsoft Outlook sometimes encounters problems in loading the OST. Here is a detailed guide on how to repair such OST files in order to make them accessible. OST files are offline storage files that store emails exchanged between the members of a group on...

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