File Recovery

Steps to Take When Large OST file Causes Performance Problems

Employees at workplaces usually are not too careful about the size of the OST files they use when they are working offline. This results in OST files becoming fairly large in size. Not only does this affect the performance of Outlook but there is a real danger that the OST file becomes damaged. We will outline the main steps that can be taken to deal with large OST files. As an employee, your organization would have allocated you an email account on a Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook...

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Resolving Synchronization Errors Due to Corruption in OST files

Most Outlook users rate the offline folders feature as one of the most useful features in this application. Synchronization allows the offline folders to keep the data up-to-date with the folder located on the Exchange server. However, there are times when users have to deal with synchronization problems that arise due to corruption in the OST file. We take a quick look at resolving these problems. Microsoft Outlook is a very useful personal management tool that allows you to store and...

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Overcoming OST Synchronization Problems

When users use Outlook with the offline folders feature, they face synchronization problems from time to time. Very often, this is easily resolved by manually carrying out synchronization but at times, it does involve having to deal with a damaged OST file. We will look at how to solve various OST synchronization problems. Most users are aware that when they use Microsoft Outlook with the offline folders feature enabled, it allows them to work with greater flexibility. The data from the main...

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