File Recovery

A Quick Guide to repair access database from a critical damage

Damage or corruption to files in Microsoft Access database is not new and is a common problem for a lot of users. Access database can become corrupt due to various reasons and it can be quiet a painful experience for the user to loose important data that were stored in it. However, keeping it is better to prevent damage to the database by following a few simple steps than to repair Access after the damage. Corruption of files in Microsoft Access is a serious problem for a lot of users who...

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What tools does Microsoft provides to recover inbox files and how to use it?

Corruption or sudden deletion of files from Outlook is a major problem to many users and business houses that uses Outlook client to communicate with their client and customers. Therefore, Microsoft has provided various free tools in Outlook for Exchange recovery which can recover damaged or deleted Inbox files. There are primarily two tools in Outlook, named Inbox Repair Tool or scanpst.exe and OST Integrity Tool. The most important tool Microsoft provided along with Outlook is the Inbox...

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Practical tips to help you in exchange recovery through EDB to PST conversion

Sometimes due to corruption of EDB file in the Microsoft Exchange Server you are unable to retrieve and access your emails, contacts, notes, calendar and other data that are in the Exchange Server, this eventually renders Outlook files in your computer unusable. In such a scenario you may require an immediate Exchange recovery process by converting EDB files to PST. Exchange recovery is a complex process which involves recovering corrupt data from the Microsoft Exchange Server by converting...

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