File Recovery

Responding to Excel Problems

Microsoft Excel is the premier spreadsheet management software on the market today and has been for years. It’s numerous uses include complex data analysis and summation that supports the day to day operations of countless businesses around the world. It is fair to say that this program is essential to many businesses. However, frequently errors and inconsistencies can occur when dealing with large, complex, or most frequently, old spreadsheets. These can range from incorrect outputs from...

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Managing a Clean and Safe Database

As any long-term database administrator knows, the challenges associated with managing a frequently accessed and modified database are varied and possibly dangerous. Businesses store years worth of critical files, trade figures, client details, and a smorgasbord of other information, often completely digitally, and these files are imperiled by malware and less malevolent forces like software errors and power issues. When confronting these safe database issues there are several procedural rules...

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Recovering Damaged Word Documents

Microsoft Word is one of the most important and widely used software applications of the business world, boasting a solid track record of safety and security. However, as with most applications, errors and damage can occur to files as a result of various software disruption including viruses, windows registry errors, sudden shutdown, or mistakes in the storage process. Frequently, this damage may appear in the form of incorrect characters, page crashes, or failures to load. While it may...

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