File Recovery

Microsoft Word Repair within Reach

Everyone has experienced it. After hours, days, weeks, or even months of cumulative effort creating and editing a Microsoft Word project, a problem occurs. This could be the result of user error, a miss-saved file, a structural change resulting in misplaced data, or one of the various other user generated issues that can occur. It could also be the result of a critical power failure that prevents the save process from occurring and inhibits the file storage. Worst of all, it could be the result...

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Overcoming an Email Crisis

Using email, by its very nature, will put your device in contact with a less than friendly side of computing. Spam, junk-mail, and malware actually compose the majority of the Internet’s email traffic, and opening the wrong email can bear disastrous consequences. Most email systems use processing algorithms to examine emails when they come in and do an excellent job of putting dangerous and wasteful messages in the junk folders. However, when a contact’s email account has been hacked, or a...

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Get More from your Database with Database Reliability

Almost every business will have one or more databases that are critical for their success. Modern word processing software has made the creation and use of these databases much less work intensive than in the past, while their paperless nature has offered many advantages over the physical copies of yesteryear. With the right management and structuring a database can serve as not only a valuable store of information but as an active marketing and analytics tool. To accomplish this you need a...

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