File Recovery

How to recover MDF database files

When database files become lost or corrupted, this can create quite a problem for those relying on these unique and typically large types of files. This most commonly happens when one improperly shuts down a computer, loses an internet connection as a file is uploaded or worked with, improper database updates, or because of viruses. With so many large files in a database, recovering this data can get difficult. Master Database Files can be recovered and repaired, however. One of the easiest...

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Understand the critical aspects that one needs to take care while repairing MDB files

MDB file is one of the most important components in Microsoft Access as it stores all the important data of the user. However, this file may sometimes malfunction and become corrupt due to various reasons which could be disastrous for the user. If something like this happens it is necessary to follow some important steps for an effective MDB repair process to recover the damaged data. Corruption in MDB file is not unusual as many Access users face this problem while using this software. An...

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Understand how a network drive failure to leads to MDB corruption

Microsoft Access as we all know uses MDB file to store information which can be shared between various multi-user networks especially in offices. It is a common practice in such open environments for employees to save their files on a network drive. However, sharing of files in a multi-user network can sometimes be fatal for the data as faulty network drive can render the file corrupt and useless. In such a scenario an effective MDB recovery is required to recover the data. Microsoft Access...

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