File Recovery

How Microsoft Access Can Help Your Business

Most business owners use MS Excel as their spreadsheet and as their database program. While Excel is a great tool for managing a "flat file" or two-dimensional table-based database, Excel is not the best tool for creating or maintaining a complex database. Microsoft Access is the database that most Excel users select hen they graduate from simple line-by-line data records to a more complex multi-dimensional or "relational" database. Microsoft makes it easy for users to move from Excel to...

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Backing Up and Restoring Microsoft Access Databases

It's never been easier to back up and restore MS Access database files. If you're managing a few dozen gigabytes of electronic data, you can find effective, sophisticated backup software for well under $100(US). Corporations, nonprofits, and larger enterprises can find cloud-based database backup solutions that will manage huge files affordably and reliably. Why, then, do we read horror stories every month about businesses that have lost database files that cannot be recovered? It's...

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Choosing your Default application to Open Zip files

Today when you look at some of the different applications that are available for creating zip files, you sure can be spoilt for choice. From the old favorite WinZip to the open source 7zip and host of others thrown in the lot, you may at times have multiple programs present in your system to open a zip file. So at times your .zip file extension may have got associated with a specific application and from then onwards when you click on any zip file, the same application opens up as default. Now...

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