File Recovery

Protect your System from Viruses Entering through Email

Of late incidents of security breaches and virus outbreaks are increasingly coming into limelight. It is a given fact that malicious viruses are on the prowl than never before and emails have become their favorite medium of infection. In case a virus compromises your Outlook email client, it is quite possible that it extracts the details of your contacts and sends them infected messages, thus subsequently infecting their systems too. Now if you are looking at stopping viruses from compromising...

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Benefits of the Conversation view in Outlook 2010

If you use the Ms Outlook client for business, you would often end up exchanging numerous emails regarding a specific subject with your contacts. While you can always keep track of the conversations by looking at the mail trail, files sent in an attachment in a different email do not show up and you have to search them manually. Now borrowing on the trailblazing conversation feature first widely seen in Gmail, the Ms Outlook 2010 has rolled out a similar view where multiple emails are organized...

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Why it makes sense to keep the Inbox light and organized

In an age where you would end up receiving emails for nearly every aspect of your life, your email Inbox can only grow in size. Typically in your Outlook mail client a plethora of emails land up with every passing day. Much of these emails may be important but even then after a period of time you may not need to revisit them on a regular basis. However the very presence of large amount of emails in your inbox makes it bloated and makes it prone to errors. Further the search for any specific...

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