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What Makes the Ms Outlook 2013 Stand Out?

In a world driven by technology, every software company tries to introduce new features in its products and thus bring out improved versions of their applications. The same is true for IT behemoth Microsoft which is consistently looking to improve the performance of its products and cater to the changing needs of its user base. With the Outlook 2013 it attempted to unleash a whole set of innovative features that are designed to offer a holistic improvement in the user experience. In this...

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Quick tips to Work with Tasks in Ms Outlook

As our work schedules become more hectic, the need to streamline the way we approach our work comes into sharp focus. Now if you happen to use the Outlook email client on a regular basis then you can easily track all the activities that you have planned with the use of Tasks. The application allows you to create and monitor a specific task and even generate reminders. You can create a task to reoccur at periodic intervals say on a daily basis. Now if you wish to focus on specific task then you...

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Customizing Calendars in Ms Outlook – A Primer

Calendars have been vogue since the time humans started keeping track of day and time. From paper based calendars we have moved to calendar applications that display data and time on our system. Moreover calendars can be used to schedule our work and plan itineraries and one of the best ways to do so involves the use of Calendar feature in Ms Outlook.  Using the calendar feature you can set appointments for multiple people based on suggested free schedules and create project timelines. You can...

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