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Working with Views in Ms Outlook

If you are frequent user of the Outlook application you may often thought of arranging your emails or tasks in a manner which suits your liking. In some case the idea to customize the layout may have originated out of a specific need such as at looking at the overdue tasks while at times you may have felt the aesthetic need of adjusting your reading pane. The Outlook email client is without a doubt a very versatile application and can be customized to view your emails and other contents as per...

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Working with Categories in Ms Outlook – the Basics

As the pressure of work keeps mounting, the challenge to organize all the information that we regularly receive too increases. Often while working on projects or with multiple clients you would have experienced the need to organize all emails related to them in an easily accessible manner. However creating separate folders and transferring emails manually does not really look like an effectual solution. Well there is much easy way to organize emails in Outlook with the help of categories. Just...

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Working with Advanced Search Option in Ms Outlook

In an age of information overload, the number of emails that you keep receiving everyday may simply overwhelm you. Sorting through the emails and categorizing incoming emails eventually takes up a lot of your valuable time. More importantly when you need to find a specific email from a mailbox of thousands, a normal search may take endless time and sometimes your system may seem to hang up. Inability to find an important email at a time of urgency can cause you a major hassle. In such a...

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