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Looking at Security Features in Ms Outlook and Building on Them

Ask any Internet user today and he would vouch for the fact that the World Wide Web is a minefield of security threats. From virus attacks to phishing websites and innocuous looking emails containing malicious codes within images, the threats are many and a lot of them can come through your email. In this context it is pleasant thought to know that the Ms Outlook client is a largely secure application that has the features to prevent malicious elements from getting through. Let’s look at...

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Learn Why Outlook 2013 Still Retains the Notes Feature

The Outlook 2013 edition has dished out a whole buffet of features aimed at improving productivity and user experience. At the same time it has done away with a set of features it felt were outdated or clumsy. Right of the block, the Journal feature has been totally scrapped while publishing calendars to too has come to an end. Now Outlook 2013 has shifted the Notes feature from its prominent place in the Navigation bar but has chosen to retain it. In this article we would try to...

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Learn How Outlook Can Help Users Interact With SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is often recognized for its plethora of collaborative tools that make it possible to jointly work on projects in an effective manner. It is also used to manage information dissemination across corporate networks and manage intranet sites. However in some companies it has not managed to gain the kind of popularity expected out of a platform of its class. The problem lays rooted in the fact that many thought it as a document sharing system and simply did not like the idea of...

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