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Get Outlook to CC all Emails to a Specific Email ID

At times it may become necessary for you to mark a copy of all your emails to a specific email. Such a requirement may arise when you are running a marketing campaign and wish to keep a record of all emails sent or are engaging in an outreach program that is aimed at receiving feedback. Also you may experience the need to copy your boss in case of an event invite that you are extending out. In Outlook it is quite possible to mark a cc to a specific ID for all the emails that you send out....

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Dealing with emails from Multiple Client Projects in Ms Outlook – Practical Tips

In case you are handling several projects in your office, it is very likely that you would receive numerous emails related to these projects in your mailbox. Over a period of time it becomes increasingly difficult for you to track the conversations that you had related to an individual project. However with Outlook it is easily possible to organize your conversations and file the emails in a neat manner. Let’s look at some practical tips to achieve the same.     Create...

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Creating an Out of Office Auto Reply Email in Few Steps

Owing to our hectic work schedules, vacations are becoming increasingly scarce. Now when you do get away from work, you should not be bothered by the fact that emails keep reaching your inbox and are left unanswered. By simply setting in place an auto reply message which responds to each email that has arrived that you are out of office, would let your contacts know when to expect you back. To create such an auto reply in Outlook, please follow the steps mentioned below.   Create an Out...

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