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Keeping Away from Phishing Attacks in Ms Outlook

The World Wide Web has turned into the hub of commerce and quite logically crime too is not far behind. Using the internet malicious individuals are always looking to compromise your data and siphon away every possible element from money stored in bank accounts to your personal image collection that can be used latter for blackmail. Emails seem to have become the favorite tool for phishing attacks. A lot of people have received emails that claim to originate from their banks and ask them to...

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Adding the Date Field in the Subject Line of an Email Sent Through Outlook

Sometimes, especially while working on group projects it becomes necessary to add the time stamp to the subject line of an email so that a receiver is aware of sequence of emails he is receiving from different individuals. Now the Ms Outlook application does not include the same in the subject line by default. To include the auto time field, please follow the steps mentioned below.   Adding the Time field in Subject Line Using a Custom Form In this article we are taking Microsoft...

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Ms Outlook is a hot favorite with Busy Professionals than Thunderbird

A cursory glance  on the laptops and PCs of top executives and busy professionals is likely to reveal that Ms Outlook finds a prominent place. Rarely would you come across a busy business professional who happens to run the Thunderbird application from Mozilla despite the fact that it is free and is recognized for its robustness. In this article we would look at why Outlook is fondly preferred by executives for whom time is a constraint.   The User Interface of Outlook is Familiar and...

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