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Removing a Stuck Email in the Ms Outlook Outbox

For an Outlook user, the idea of encountering a stuck email message can seem like a nightmare. If an email message with a large attachment is stuck in the Outbox the application will try to send it every time you press the send/receive button and unless the sent task is complete other emails will not land in your mailbox. The issue gets rather serious when your attempts to delete the stuck message do not work out. Let’s explore the issue in detail and look at ways to remove the stuck email...

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Quickly Change the Background Image of a Business Card

The Ms Outlook email client is full of interesting features that makes it a joy to use. The Business card is one such nifty feature that allows you to store information about a contact and share the same too in a jiffy. In fact you can create a business card for your own use and sent it across to people. Further the business card can be customized to meet your taste and it is even possible to change the background image. The need to change the background of a business card can arise due to a...

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Printing Multiple Notes of Outlook in One Page

The Notes feature in Ms Outlook is widely appreciated by people for its capacity to contain important nuggets of information. Moreover Notes created in Outlook can be shared with others and they also carry a timestamp which can be used to track meeting records. Typically most users put a concise amount of data in a single note. So at some point of time you may wish to print several notes together in a single page. Let’s take an example of a daily team huddle. Each day you create a note to jot...

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