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Factors to Keep in Mind while using Ms Access for Line of Business Applications

One of the key facts that makes Ms Access so popular is its inherent simplicity. You can create an application around this database without much effort and exploit its powerful reporting and form design tools to your benefit. Moreover working with the Access database is extremely easy and even a novice user can retrieve data from it. Most importantly it does not cost you additional money as it ships with the Ms Office package. Give such advantages; many small businesses have opted to use Access...

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Dealing with DLL Loading Errors in Ms Access

Every software application that is available today has both pros and cons and the same is true for the Ms Access database application. Its simplicity, cost effectiveness and dexterity make it a perfect choice for many and yet it also has a fair share of flaws. From restrictions on size and concurrent usage to application errors, the drawbacks associated with Access can make life difficult for the user. As more and more businesses keep on joining the Ms Access bandwagon, issues experienced by...

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Best Practices for using Ms Access – A Primer

When we look at commonly used RDBMS solutions in the market, we find the likes of Oracle and SQL Server at one end of the spectrum that are designed for large and medium sized businesses. At the other end we have likes of Ms Access which are primarily suited for small businesses and personal applications. However the Ms Access database application has a lot of juice in it and has over the years been used by many to handle line of business applications and intricate multiuser programs. Now if...

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