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A Quick Lowdown on key Queries in Ms Access

One of the biggest benefits of using a relational database system like Ms Access relates to the ease with which data can be accessed and modified. Typically this is achieved with the help of queries which can glean relevant information from a huge data repository. In other words queries can give you a truncated view of the entire database, with only the relevant records getting showcased. Queries can also be used to perform a variety of actions such as updating data or deleting records when...

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Understand the Scenarios where you should opt for Ms Access instead of a spreadsheet

In case of nearly every other small business, spreadsheets such as Ms Excel are typically preferred to store business data. While a section of small businesses do graduate to Ms Access over a period of time, a large section still tends to remain stuck with spreadsheets. As the business grows and number of different activities need to be captured, a whole array of spreadsheets are created. In a matter of years, such a business may be looking at a large set of Excel files, which are not...

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Sub forms in Ms Access – A Primer

The Ms Access application is known for its versatile features. When we look at creating forms in Ms Access, not only can we create forms as per our need and design requirements, we can even create sub forms. Basically sub-forms allow you to display an additional form within the parent form structure and can prove to be highly apt when you are looking to display interrelated data. For example if you are looking to create a form to showcase product categories, you may wish to display the products...

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