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Learn How Ms Access can save a Small Business from a Mess of Spreadsheets

A large number of small businesses tend to still rely on the ubiquitous spreadsheet applications like Ms Excel to store their business data.  Over a period of time they end up having multiple files for employee records, customer records, product sales, leave records and possibly a separate file on every other conceivable business function. Since Excel files are difficult to correlate, there is a huge duplicity of data. Making a change across several Excel sheets can prove to be a nightmare....

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Including a Calendar in Ms Access – A Primer

The Ms Access application is teeming with a host of features that makes it an extremely versatile product. In some cases you need to enter date into a specific record in Access. Now if you are looking to input the date data in the text format, there is a chance that different users may choose a different format. The solution lies in using a calendar popup which users can browse through and select the date. Let’s look at how this can be achieved in Ms Access.   Avoid endless...

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Developing a Form in Design View in Ms Access

The Ms Access database is known for its overall ease of use. You can create tables and queries in it through the Wizard functionality with minimum effort. Similarly the Form Wizard can be used to create forms in quick time. However the Wizard has certain limitations and at certain point of time you may wish to design forms manually. Especially when you are looking to create custom forms or nested sub-forms; using the design view is a more apt choice. Let’s look at how you can quickly create...

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