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Privacy Issues to Keep in Mind while working with Email Tracking in Business Contact Manager for Outlook

The Business Contact Manager (BCM) for Outlook comes loaded with a host of intelligent features that helps you to track client conversations effectively and monitor accounts. You can configure it to attach all conversations related to certain client or account with the specific record in BCM and all future communications are automatically linked up. While this can prove rather handy for you, privacy concerns may arise if you have shared the BCM database with your team. Communications which you...

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Disable Message Preview which shows the first lines of your email in Outlook 2013

When we look at the look and feel changes introduced in the Outlook 2013 edition, the message preview feature makes a distinct impression. It essentially showcases initial one or two lines from the email text in the Inbox message list. This change has been introduced with the idea of helping you glance through the emails and focus on the important ones when you are short in time. While the feature has been widely appreciated by many, some of us may have some privacy concerns around it. Normally...

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Changing the Color Associated with the Unread Line in Outlook 2013

With the Outlook 2013 application, Microsoft has introduced an uber-cool new look and feel. It has unleashed a new design, rolled out message previews, changed the way emails are organized besides introducing a host of advanced features. In fact an old Outlook user is likely to be overwhelmed by the series of changes that this version has introduced. While most of these changes have been largely well received, some of them can appear as unnecessary. Doing away completely with the Journal...

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