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Achieve a Great deal more by intelligently using Flags in Ms Outlook

The Ms Outlook email client can boast of an array of features which can rarely be found in any other competing product. In fact its range of options and possible customizations are so extensive that most users do not even know about them. Typically when it comes to flags, a lot of novice users just mark important emails with a default flag for further reference. However flags can be tailored to achieve much more and this article we would explore how they can be customized to meet our...

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Protecting your Outlook Data from Malicious Programs – A Primer

As a desktop email client the reach and popularity of Ms Outlook is unparalleled. However this achievement has made Outlook important in eyes of hackers who look at creating programs that can compromise the sensitive data stored in an Outlook application. For example there are countless viruses that spread through gathering the email IDs from Outlook contacts. Given the scenario one needs to remain vigilant about malicious programs that are looking to capture the data stored in the Outlook...

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Practical Housekeeping Tips to Quickly Remove Clutter from your Inbox

It hardly surprising for an Outlook user to find his Inbox cluttered with all sorts of emails. In a typical day you may receive emails from several people, and in some cases a chain of emails while working on a certain project. If that was not all promotional emails and spam emails too clog up your Inbox. For many of us who use Outlook for both business and personal emails, over a period of time we can literally get inundated by the sheer volume of emails and end up with a huge Inbox running...

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